The 'face of future' which is the common symbol mark for LG Group represents the relentless challenge for new technologies, pursuit of world's best, and face of strong youth.

Symbol Mark 'Face of Future'

It symbolizes 5 concepts and sentiments - world, future, youth, human kind, and technology. By projecting L and G in a circle, it symbolizes that mankind is at the center of LG management. It represents LG employees' determination to form the close relationships with customers anywhere in the world and do their best to satisfy customers.

left: Symbol Mark, right: Grid System

The symbol mark is the key element of LG Display identifier which connote the formative characteristics and symbolism of LG Display. It is used in overall media such as the advertising, sign system, web site, and articles to play an important role of delivering the corporate image. Therefore, the rule and principle must be complied with when using the symbol mark. There should be no image damage such as distortion, deformation or abuse of the shape and color of the symbol mark. Use the LG Display Manual when reproducing the symbol mark. Restructuring or transforming the data is prohibited.

* The rule prohibits the exclusive use of the symbol mark.