LG Display and Harrods showcase transparent OLED displays

LG Display and Harrods showcase transparent OLED displays
Seoul, Korea (Oct. 8, 2019) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will partner with Harrods to showcase large-size transparent OLED displays in the store’s famous show windows in Hans Crescent from October 7 to 28 during Harrods’ Tech Month. With this unprecedented move to team up for the second time with the most high-end retailer to promote OLED, LG Display will emphasize the potential of OLED to lead the OLED market in the future.


“LG Display will provide more chances for the public to experience the innovation of OLED by collaborating once again with world-renowned department store Harrods which showed its willingness to embrace OLED as an unmatched next-generation technology,” said KJ Kim, Vice President and Head of Global OLED Promotion at LG Display. He added, “As the pioneer of OLED displays, LG Display is committed to leading the future of OLED, thereby enhancing people’s lives with this cutting-edge technology.”


LG Display will showcase its 55-inch FHD transparent OLED display with 38 percent transparency and its show-window OLED display composed of two 55-inch vertically-combined transparent OLED displays in Harrods’s show windows during its Tech Month. People will be able to enjoy the exciting and interactive content on the company’s transparent show-window OLED displays.


As the only manufacturer of large-size transparent OLED displays in the world, LG Display has been the front runner in the market worldwide, and OLED is perceived as the best display technology with which to realize transparency since it does not require a backlight unit. Instead, OLED pixels produce their own light, which makes them ideal to be used for transparent displays compared to conventional display technologies. Also, transparent displays are optimal for commercial use because consumers can read information about products on the screen while looking at the products through it. They are also seen as luxurious interior elements that can easily grab shopper attention at stores.


LG Display and Harrods previously collaborated to introduce the latest OLED TV technologies from leading global TV brands in window installations from July till September. The cutting-edge OLED TVs from all these TV brands including LG Electronics, Bang & Olufsen, Panasonic and Philips use OLED TV panels made by LG Display and they were featured in the same location at the store. This first collaboration showed the natural fit of OLED technology into the most luxurious of locations and heralded a bright future for OLED.


In addition to its partnership with Harrods, LG Display will further expand the chances for people to experience the advantages of OLED on the continent by collaborating with five major electronics distribution brands, including Media Markt and Saturn, to set up “OLED Zones” in their respective stores where the latest OLED TV models are on display. This collaboration started from the beginning of September and will continue until early December. It is a rare occasion for multiple distribution companies to install a special zone to promote a specific technology at the same time. This reflects a growing need for and interest in OLED TV products among consumers in Europe and is further evidence of the technology’s broad appeal beyond brand or store loyalty.


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