Best display for autonomous driving

LG Display provides differentiating value with revolutionary technologies in the automotive display market that is advancing with convergence of vehicles and ICT.

Applied Products
Futuristic Display OLED Automotive Display

LG Display’s OLED products provide the best image quality with color reproduction range and unlimited contrast ratio. The P-OLED panel, which obtained Eye Comfort Display certification for the first time in the automotive industry, is excellent in visibility and expresses black color perfectly, enabling the manufacture of the best automotive display products.

In addition, LG Display’s P-OLED is taking the lead in innovating automotive interior design as well as performance by implementing curvature design that bends along the curved surface of the car dashboard on one large-size display.

LCD Automotive Display

LG Display provides the best automotive display solution by producing LCD products with high resolution, large screen, and highly accurate in-touch technology, using optimal IPS (In-panel Switching) technology.

Therefore, more and more LCD panels of LG Display are applied to various automotive display applications and provides excellent outdoor visibility by realizing an outstanding sense of view with high brightness and ultra-high resolution.