Video Wall

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

LG Display developed the world’s narrowest bezel that minimizes cut-off or distortion of images. It is the most optimal technology for large displays. The bigger size of display can be used for places where mega-sized displays are needed such as airports and control rooms.

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

A video wall is a product that consists of several displays combined together to make asingle ultra large screen. LG Display has recently developed a video wall with the world's thinnest 0.9mm even bezel. With minimized gaps between displays, the wall gives an impression of a single large screen. It is also easy to install because of the bezel sizes on all four sides (top, bottom, left and right) are even, while being lightweight and rigid compared to existing products.

Great Picture Quality

The wide viewing angle of IPS allows uniform image quality with no color wash at any angle, and our exclusive algorithm (VIC) technology, which enables uniform image quality and colors among multiple screens to support the feature of a video wall where multiple sets of screens are tiled together side by side, consistently ensures excellent image quality over multiple display screens.