Best Touch Total Solutions at Your Fingertips

in-TOUCH equips touch sensors inside LCD Cells. LG Display’s proprietary technology provides not only superior touch sensitivity, but also outstanding design and visibility.


The additional white pixel improves the transmittance rate and, along with differentiated algorism, lowers power consumption.

Values of in-TOUCH Superb Touch Sensitivity

Basic touch performance is superb, and multi-touch performance, allowing simultaneous touch using several fingers, is unrivaled.

Outstanding Visibility

The touch pattern is not visible, and the high transmittance and low reflectivity - compared with other technology with external sensors - provide very good picture quality.

Innovative Design

Thinner and lighter product designs are possible because touch sensors are internal to all cells.

Applied Products

LG Display has plans to apply in-TOUCH technology not only in mobile phones, 2in1/laptops and monitors, but also in large displays for TV/Commercial, etc.

  • Phone

  • 2-in-1 / NBPC

  • Monitor

  • Commercial / TV

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