LG Display's pleasant workplace programs are creating the company which values each individual and is favored by each individual.

Cultivation of LG Display Human Talent Having Professionalism and Global Capability : Cultivation of Key Global Talent + Basic Capability + Education Specific to Each Duty

Cultivation of Key Global Talent

  • Leader/Successor Coaching Program
  • Advanced Education Support
  • MBA Education Support
  • Concentrated Language Training
  • Appointment at Overseas Subsidiaries

Basic Capability

  • New Employee On-the-Job Training (Mentor Selection)
  • All Employee Education Program
  • On-Line Education Program (Language, Book Learning, and Job Fundamentals)
  • New Employee Group / In-house Training
  • Special Lecture by Executives or Outside Expert

Education Specific to Each Duty

  • Area Specific Education Program
  • Job Related Project Program

IDP (Individual Development Plan)

  • 1
    Career Vision Preparation
    Personal strength and development needed are checked using the individual performance, work experience and other data.
  • 2
    IDP Planning
    The plan is generated based on the career vision and introspection to achieve it.
  • 3
    Career Coaching
    The detailed action plan to develop the individual's career is generated jointly with the superior and executed. Continued communications help the seamless execution.
  • 4
    Continuous Support of Execution Result
    LG Display continuously supports the individual career development and checks and supplements its satisfaction level.