LG Display values people the most.

HR Principle

LG Display regards the most important driving force to maintain and advance its status as global no. 1 company by demonstrating the fundamental competi-tiveness in the long term is its people.

LG Display is organized to enhance the value of its people who are the main agents for custom-er value innovation and readiness for future and to demonstrate the collective intelligence.

Human Talent's Charter

  • 1LG Display does the best to create circumstances for members to achieve excellent performance and provide corresponding recognition and emoluments based on the belief that human resource is the best asset.
  • 2LG Display actively recruits and develops the human talent who conforms to its concept of human talent.
  • 3LG Display enables its employees to mutually respect and consider each other to demonstrate autonomy and creativity.
  • 4LG Display does not fear failure and challenges the extreme goal to pursue the best.
  • 5LG Display and its employees work together to create the environment and atmosphere in which the employee want to come to work after waking up in the morning and to work with delight.