Under the belief that the human talent is the best asset, LG Display recognizes and compensates appropriately for the performance of its employees.

Compensation System

The evaluation is conducted in the process of goal setting → intermediate evaluation and coaching/feedback → final evaluation (once a year).

Perfomance + Competency = Perfomance+Competency

Creation of Group Outcome
The business strategy and organization goals are cascaded with individual goals so that the both organization and individual goal are fulfilled.
Motivation of Employees
LG Display allows its employees to autonomously set the goal to motivate them to concentrate to achieve the goal and appropriately compensates for the performance to encourage the growth and development through cultivation of individual competency.

Compensation System

LG Display maintains the industry's best compensation level so that the employees will have pride and operates the various compensation systems to motivate them to improve the performance.

  • PS(Profit sharing) : Compensation according to company performance
  • Vision Incentive : Compensation as needed for outstanding performance
  • PI(Personal Incentive) : Compensation according to individual performance (evaluation)
  • Basic Salary : Determined in overall consideration of market value and individual competency/performance