LG Display maximizes the welfare and satisfaction of its employee by operating the welfare system which can maintain the equity of benefits of its employees and reflect the personal needs.

Support of healthy life

Subsidy of medical expense
LG Display subsidizes the medical expense for treatment of diseases and injuries of its employees and their direct families.
Health examination
LG Display provides periodical health examination for employees and their spouses.
Group insurance
LG Display pays insurance when employees are critically ill or injured.

Support of enriched life

Selective benefits
Every year, welfare points are offered, which can be used variably according to the individual needs.(self-improvements, daily living, health, leisure, and fashion etc.)
Support of information group activities
LG Display supports activity expenses of in-house informal groups for work and life balance.(Sports, voluntary activities, music, and religious activities etc.)
Recreation facilities
LG Display operates condominiums that can be used by employees and their family members.(LG Training Center, Gonjiam Resort, and Gangchon Resort etc.)
LG Display supports work and life balance for employees through vacation such as legal vacation, paid summer vacation (four days), and refresh vacation.

Support of stable life

Housing mortgage subsidy
LG Display subsidizes housing mortgage for employees who purchase a house and loan.
School expense
LG Display supports school expenses for children of the employees.(middle and high school and universities)
Expenditure for congratulations and condolences
LG Display supports expenditure for congratulations and condolences and vacations during various family occasions such as marriage and 60th birthday celebration of employees and their family members.
Company housing and dormitory, commuting bus, and workplace childcare facility etc.