LG Way : Vision-No.1 LG, Code of Conduct-Jeong-Do Management, Management Principles-Creating Value for Customers, Respecting Human dignity
First-Class LG
To be recognized in the market and become a market leading company LG Display's vision
Jeong-Do Management
LG Display's own practice pattern to improve the capability steadily and compete fairly based on the ethical management
Creation of Values for Customers, Respect for Individuals
Objective of Corporate Activities and Principles of Corporate Management

What is LG's Jeong-Do Management?

It means LG Display's own practice pattern to improve the capability steadily and compete fairlybased on the ethical management.

The 'Jeong-Do' management is not just the ethical management. The true 'Jeong-Do' management is more than ethical management as it means creation of actual outcome based on the capacity to win the competition.

LG's 'Jeong-Do' management is to become a true global company by thoroughly satisfying the customers and fulfilling the responsibilities to not only customers but also employees, vendors, shareholders and society.

Truthfulness + Fair Treatment + Fair Competition Based on Capacity -> Actual Creation of Outcome

To work transparently according to the principle and standard
Fair Treatment
To fairly provide the opportunities and fairly treat in all trades
Fair Competition Based on Capacity
To develop the capacity to fairly compete and win

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