Safety/Environment Management System(OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) : Plan -> Execution and Operation -> Inspection and Correction  -> Management Review -> Safety/Environment Policy
LG Display operates the Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management system which integrates the Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management activities to reduce the impact of management activities on environment and create the safe business sites through risk management. For that, LG Display actively practices the Safety·Health·Energy·Environment policies and continuously provide the relevant information to all stakeholders to redouble the management transparency and ethics and harmonize the management activities and Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management. The Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management system is based on the principle of Plan + Do + Check + Action. To fulfill the policy and goal of Safety·Health·Energy·Environment,he detailed targets and action plan to achieve them is generated and executed, and the employees are educated on relevant areas. Implementation of the Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management system is evaluated through the regular internal and external assessment. The result is reported to CEO to continuously improve the Safety·Health·Energy·Environment management system.