LG Display is holding hands with partners through Synergy to create a win-win growth.

Core Values of Shared Growth

Eastern Growth core values​​, open communication, active collaboration, change table and inform you about leap
Core Values Open Communication Proactive Collaboration Change & Leap
Principle of Shared Growth
Respect of vendors
Mutual respect and fair distribution of outcome
Continuous idea exploration
Listening/ Consideration
To think carefully and act quickly
Owner Spirit
Voluntary participation of vendors
High goal and relentless challenge
Open Mind
One Team Mind
Maximization of vendor-LG Display synergy
Value Creation
Highest profitability

Shared Growth Implementation System

“ No.1 Supplier, No.1 LGD ”

기본준수, 근본적 경쟁력, 열린 소통

Basic Compliance

Company Which Keeps Its Promise

  • Prohibition of unjustified demand and usage of technical data
  • Prohibition of unjustified return and refusal of receipt
  • Prohibition of unjustified subcontract pricing
  • Prohibition of unjustified cancellation of order

Open Communication

Company Which Communicates Well with Vendors

  • Advocating vendor response mind
  • Cultivation of vendor response attitude

Fundamental Competitiveness

Company Which Helps Vendors Be Competitive

  • Technical, managerial and consulting support
  • Vendor manpower education and hiring support
  • Financial support (Shared Growth Fund, etc.)

Shared growth portal

LG Display is "the company which fulfills its pledges to vendors, which helps the vendors secure the competitive edge and which communicates well with the vendors."